Never Again Shall One Generation Forget Another

Operation Jersey Cares is a volunteer organization whose mission is to help our troops overseas as well as the returning Soldiers and Marines who have been wounded in combat.

February Thank you’s

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Dear OJC,
Greetings from Kabul, Afghanistan! Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the care packages we received today here at ISAF Joint Command. When I got the call to tell me I had several packages waiting in the mail room I was very surprised…when I saw who they were from I was simply overwhelmed by your generosity as was the rest of my office. Receiving mail and opening packages is often the highlight of our day! Of course, we shared the wealth throughout the staff and the whole team sends their thanks! The Valentines from the kids are adorable and brought a smile to everyone’s face…they’re hanging up all around the office.  I cannot thank you enough for thinking of us! Please know how much we appreciate the time, money and effort that go into these care packages. What you do is truly amazing!

Sara Duffy



Ms. Van Liere and Mr. Cunningham,

I just wanted to send you this email note that your “Operation: Jersey Cares” packages arrived for my troops and I.  You guys are freaking awesome!  I don’t know what to say, other than “Thank you”.  You made a lot of my Soldiers feel 100 times better.  I know it sounds lame, but, you all really made a lot of my Soldiers have a good day.  It was kinda funny.  They were like little kids at Christmas-time wondering what all were in the boxes.  So, Thank you.  It means a lot to me to know that folks back home are cheering us on.  And my Soldiers are extremely grateful.

I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to send you a written Thank you as well.

Again, I don’t know what to say other than “Thank you.”

CPT Michael Thomas
976th MCT



I just wanted to send a quick thank you for the package we received today here in Afghanistan.  I think I speak for my whole company when I say that we greatly appreciate what you do by sending us a piece of home while we are away from home and our families.  The box you sent lasted about 30 minutes once all of the Soldiers caught wind that there was mail for them, lol.  Believe me I’m not complaining.  Anything to help raise the morale of the Soldiers is always a good thing and much appreciated.  Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and please keep up what  y’all do for us.


SSG Christopher M. Settembrino

Shops Platoon Sergeant




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Thank you’s in December

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I just want to say thank you to Operation Jersey Cares for the care package that I received today.  It was a surprise when one of my Marines said that I had mail, and when I saw the package it said Operation Jersey Cares.  Everything in the care package will be used by the Marines on my team.  Thank you for the support and for everything that Operation Jersey Care are providing Service members overseas with.  I know that the care packages are huge morale busters especially during the holiday season.  You guys are awesome and we all are blessed to have people back in the states that care.  Thank again for everything.


SSgt Mateus, Julio M
Signals Kandak Radio Chief
Camp Tombstone, Afghanistan

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August 10th- Vets Summer Fest : Annual Benefit to help homeless NJ veterans

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Annual Benefit to help homeless NJ veterans.

Saturday August 10th, 11am- 8pm

Vasa Park, Wolfe Rd. Budd Lake, NJ

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A Night to remember : Benefit Concert for our Soldiers : Gene Ferrari & Scott Sturla

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a-night-to-remember Benefit_Concert_Event_Flyer-a night

Gene Ferrari & Scott Sturla

Benefit Concert – All proceeds benefit our Brave Wounded Soldiers and Their Families. Sponsored by Family & Friends for Freedom Fund, Inc.

Call: 973-897-2237

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Operation Tie The Knot

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Are you proudly serving and looking to get engaged? Tell us your military love story!



1. Enter! Just fill out the quick online form, attach your best photo as a couple, and tell us why you and your partner deserve to win a designer engagement ring and dream wedding. Entries must be in by 12/2/12, 11:59pm EST.

2. Campaign! Ten finalists will be posted online on 12/3/2012 for public voting. Get your all of your friends and family to vote for your entry. Voting closes on 12/16/2012, 11:59pm EST.

3. The winner will be announced on 12/17/2012!


It’s easy to enter! CLICK HERE

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Halloween Candy Buy Back

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Join us at Loew Orthodontics again this year for our Candy Buy Back on November 1st and 2nd at our Flemington location! You will receive $1 for every pound of candy you bring in (up to 10 pounds), and Dr. Loew will also match it and donate to the Hunterdon Outreach Program.


All of the candy we collect will also be sent to our troops via Operation Jersey Cares

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More Fall Testimonials – Posted September 2012

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Operation Jersey Cares,


I just received two large care packages and am deeply grateful.  I was not expecting them at all.  I shared them with my shop of 6 Soldiers (and even the Air Force guys next door).  The unanimous comments were, “These are the best care packages we’ve gotten!”  They were truly filled with great things for deployed Soldiers (and Airmen).

It is always nice to get mail, and care packages always brighten the Soldiers’ day.  They are a big morale booster!  We appreciate all your efforts, time, and money in getting the packages out to the troops.  It is a nice feeling knowing the American people are behind us.  Many Soldiers before us were never thanked or given the proper, “Welcome Home”.  We are lucky to have supporters such as the Operation Jersey Cares program.

On behalf of my shop:  Thanks again and we wish you the best back home.  We’ll be back soon…


Brian Hawkins





Wow, thank you again for all the support you send us, we have been so
fortune that organizations such as yours have been supporting us here in
Kuwait. Your care packages seem to come at the right time when soldiers
are in need. We are so grateful that we not forgotten. Until we all come
home God Bless and Take care.


SPC John Shackelford
325th CSH (FWD), Camp Arifjan
Chaplain Assistant
DSN: 430-1862
Cell: 9963-0415
Isaiah 6:8

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Photos – Troops opening care packages in Afghanistan

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Here are a few more pictures that were sent to me by my cousin Kim.  They are of her husband, Lee Jones, who Jersey Cares sent packages to while he was deployed in Afghanistan.  He is now home in the states.  Thanks so much for everything I cannot express how thankful David and Lee were to receive all the amazing care packages.  Thanks again.


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Recent Collection of testimonials – Posted September 2012

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My name is Keith and I am currently stationed in Kandahar Afghanistan.

Today we received some great letters from your organization. I just

wanted to take a moment and say thank you and to tell all the ones who

wrote us how much it means. I would like to especially thank Girl Scout

Troop 78, Julianne and Victoria.

I am not sure how I can get a hold of these people to say thanks and

answer their questions, but for Juilianne:

That is great that you are a Giants fan, you must have had a lot of fun

watching them win the super bowl again last year, that was a pretty

great game. We were able to watch it in Afghanistan, even though we had

to get up real early to watch it live! I am from Chicago, so I grew up

watching and liking the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, and White Sox! Blue is

a great color, that is my wife’s and son’s (he’s three) favorite color

as well. Dark Green is my Favorite color. Thank you so much for your

letter, and I was very impressed by your handwriting, it is perfect! It

means a lot that you took time out of your busy day to say hello to us,

it really means more than you will ever know!

Thank you all again for what you do and it is very much appreciated by

all of us over here!

Keith J. Chrustowski






Thank you for the care package you sent my fellow Soldier’s and myself! We greatly appreciate your support and care! We were very excited to get your package yesterday! We don’t get a lot of mail at our base so it’s always like Christmas morning when we do get it!!! Thank you again!

-Evan Mead





Dear Operation Jersey Cares,

First and foremost, I would like to convey my deepest thanks for the package your organization sent. I am currently stationed on COP Baraki Barak, a small outpost in a… “not so friendly” part of Afghanistan. Our COP doesn’t have a PX or anything like that to get toiletries, snacks, or other items of necessity or luxury. The Soldiers here rely heavily on packages sent from home to fill those needs. Your generosity was much more than I could ever need for a while, so I split up the care package among the other members of my platoon. They were very thankful for everything that was sent. This Jersey boy will always be grateful for the magnanimous people at your organization.

Thanks again,

SSG Brindle, Christopher

1/503rd INF (ABN)






Ms. Van Liere, Mr. Cunningham, and the good people of Operation Jersey


Just wanted to send a note of thanks for your recent packages which

arrived at our little compound outside of Kandahar City.  Our Soldiers

greatly appreciate your support, especially given our relative isolation

from the bigger bases and our unique mission of living side-by-side with

Afghan forces.

The notes and gifts from home go a long way to take my Soldiers’

minds from the events around us and give them some respite from the long

hours and heat of the summer.  We know it takes a special effort to show

this kind of support to Soldiers deployed into harm’s way, and the work

that you do is important and gratefully received.

Thank you for all that you do.

Best regards,

Matt McKinley

“Dagger 6″


Lieutenant Colonel, US Army

Combat Advisor

2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division Kandahar,






Operation Jersey Cares,

Thank you so much for the all the care packages that your organization has been sending.  They really have hit the spot with all my Soldiers, especially the ones that don’t receive much in the mail.  Nothing like getting a huge package when not expecting it.  Things have been rough over here lately but we will be back home by the end of the year.  This is my 5th deployment and I have always counted on Operation Jersey Cares to bring smiles to the faces of hard working Soldiers.  Once again thank you for the generous packages and all the support that you have provided us.


SFC Coe, David

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Photos : USS Iwo Jima receiving OJC packages

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