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Letters from the troops

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On behalf of my son and his squad I want to personally thank you and all the wonderful people that made this happen! You are all amazing! This is the copy of the text Danny sent me;

Hey! I got the packages they sent, tell them Thank You and relay message: We all appreciate it very much and it’s nice to know so many support us and we’re very thankful to know people would put aside stuff in their personal life to help members of their military. Thank you again! You do a great thing and help more than you know. Continue to support other deployed units out there! Thank you again and again! Cpl. Boehm,

I’ve attached a picture of the men you have so graciously helped and made their days so much better!
My son will be meeting their relief squad and will ask if they would also like some packages. I will forward info as I get it.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart! J

Special thanks to Nancy for finding out about Operation Jersey Cares and getting info, Love you Nancy!





Dear Operation Jersey Cares.

Can I Just say a big thank you to all that took the time to donate and make the care packages for the oversea workers.

We as a department, benefited from one of these packages. The gifts and the letters from the children made us very happy and grateful to know that there are people who care for us and others, who are a long way from family and home.

We the Fire Department of Kandahar Afghanistan appreciate and value your commitment to all the troops and ancillary departments that are working so hard to bring stability to a troubled region. Thank you and God bless you all for you continued support.

Please pass our love onto all the volunteers that make this possible


Steve Everest
Assistant Chief of Operations
Kandahar Airfield (KAF) Fire Department




Dear OJC,
Greetings from Kabul, Afghanistan! Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the care packages we received today here at ISAF Joint Command. When I got the call to tell me I had several packages waiting in the mail room I was very surprised…when I saw who they were from I was simply overwhelmed by your generosity as was the rest of my office. Receiving mail and opening packages is often the highlight of our day! Of course, we shared the wealth throughout the staff and the whole team sends their thanks! The Valentines from the kids are adorable and brought a smile to everyone’s face…they’re hanging up all around the office. I cannot thank you enough for thinking of us! Please know how much we appreciate the time, money and effort that go into these care packages. What you do is truly amazing!

Sara Duffy





Ms. Van Liere and Mr. Cunningham,

I just wanted to send you this email note that your “Operation: Jersey Cares” packages arrived for my troops and I. You guys are freaking awesome! I don’t know what to say, other than “Thank you”. You made a lot of my Soldiers feel 100 times better. I know it sounds lame, but, you all really made a lot of my Soldiers have a good day. It was kinda funny. They were like little kids at Christmas-time wondering what all were in the boxes. So, Thank you. It means a lot to me to know that folks back home are cheering us on. And my Soldiers are extremely grateful.

I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to send you a written Thank you as well.

Again, I don’t know what to say other than “Thank you.”

CPT Michael Thomas
976th MCT





I just wanted to send a quick thank you for the package we received today here in Afghanistan.  I think I speak for my whole company when I say that we greatly appreciate what you do by sending us a piece of home while we are away from home and our families.  The box you sent lasted about 30 minutes once all of the Soldiers caught wind that there was mail for them, lol.  Believe me I’m not complaining.  Anything to help raise the morale of the Soldiers is always a good thing and much appreciated.  Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and please keep up what  y’all do for us.

SSG Christopher M. Settembrino

Shops Platoon Sergeant






To whom this may concern,
This is ADAN Ralli, Kyle from the US Navy. I received a care package from Operation Jersey Cares last week, and I want to thank you for all that you do for those who serve in the military like myself. The supply of food, candy, shampoo, razors, etc. was great! There was so much of it, I even shared it amongst my fellow shipmates within my work center. I was also thrilled to receive letters of encouragement from children in the state; much appreciated! Please expend my thanks to everyone who is part of this program.

ADAN Ralli, Kyle




Operation Jersey Cares,

My name is Vincent Coppola and I am currently serving in RC East in Afghanistan. I just wanted to say thank you for all you are doing for the deployed military service members. Today I received a very large care package from your organization. I truly appreciate the items and it is by far the best care package that I have received on this deployment. I was able to share it with my Soldiers and they share my same sentiment. Please know that these packages are a real morale booster and they are greatly appreciated by all who receive them.


1LT Vincent Coppola
US Army




To the Hardworking People of “Operation Jersey Cares”:

From all of us at FOB Sweeney, thank you. The care packages that we
received could not have been more perfectly-timed. We have had much
trouble getting mail, due to the weather. However, just a few days
before Christmas, all of those amazing boxes arrived.

Our food cabinet (Which is labeled “Classified” to keep intruders out)
went from holding a couple meager items to overflowing, thanks to your
efforts. I say this with all sincerity: it literally made our Christmas.

I myself, along with another NCO on our team, are natives of the great
state of New Jersey. I was home with my family on leave during Hurricane
Sandy. In fact, I was almost late getting back to Fort Stewart in time
for this deployment because of it. It is staggering to the mind to
realize that, while people are recovering from that disaster, they still
consider our situation. Your hard work is just another example of how
New Jersey shines. Thank you.


Matthew Galvin
1/2/205 CO ADVISOR




On behalf of the 117th CSSB NJARNG, I want to thank you for your
continued support. Today we received your package and it brought a
smile to all our hearts. The love we feel from home makes our scarifies
seem worth it. Thanks for staying Jersey Strong and we hope you enjoy
your holidays.






My name is Jennifer Rivera, I have received 3 care packages from you since I have been in Afghanistan. I just wanted to say how grateful I am for you all doing this. It is the best part of our day when we get to open care packages, a big morale booster. I appreciate all that you do for us, it really does make a big difference. Thank you all and God bless.







Dear Tom, Stacey, and Members of OperationJerseyCares,

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks! I am an American Soldier serving overseas in Afghanistan. Some of my soldiers and I are currently serving on a small base east of Kabul. We are only a few Americans among a majority of NATO forces on the base. We were very fortunate to have received a small portion of a box full of goodies and well wishes sent by your organization. I just wanted you to know that even though I have been a member of the military for quite a few years, it is always heartwarming to receive support from great Americans such as yourselves. When the question arises as to why we are fighting the good fight there are always two answers that I give to my troops. The first being the immediate fact that we fight for our brothers and sisters standing beside us on the battlefront. The second is because of the fact that there are family members, friends, and supporters (such as you) that expect us to do our very best day in and day out. I know it isn’t much but the one thing we can do is take a moment to say thanks. Thanks for continuing to give your support to the soldiers who fight for not only their freedom, your freedom, but also for the freedoms of those who cannot fight for themselves. I wish there were more that I could do to express the gratitude that I have.


Thanks again! -Thing

J.B. Houston






To whom it may concern:

On 1 March, we received again several care packages from you. Thank you on behalf of our soldiers for your support during this deployment. Thank you for being loyal to us and for showing us your support which brought smiles once again to our troops. God bless you and God bless America.



SPC Santiago Jaramillo

CH Assistant





Operation Jersey Cares,

I just wanted to take this time to say thank you, thank you so much for the boxes you sent me and my fellow Soldiers. Words cannot do justice for what you all do. It is hard being away from home during the Christmas season, but knowing that there are people like you out there that still care, puts a much deserving smile on our faces.


Thank you so much and God Bless you all,

Thank you

SFC Chris Johnson





Dear Stacy and OJC Troops,

We have received 7 boxes full of snacks and toiletries on 15 Feb. Our Soldiers are doing fine and well here in Kuwait. Again, we just want to say thank you and really appreciate your devoted support and love for our Troops. God Bless America and OJC,


Very Respectfully,

SPC Soe, Pyai

US Army Chaplain Assistant





o Tom Cunningham:

On 7 February, we received several care packages from you. As a result It was a great feeling for us, and for our soldiers as well, in receiving so many wonderful things.

Because we found some great friends like you, who have been loyal to us and who have shown support for our troops, we would like to thank you on behalf of our soldiers for your support during this deployment.

So this is a thank-you note-for sending care packages and promoting a positive environment for our soldiers and the community. The future looks bright for us as we approach our arrival home, and we want to acknowledge your contribution during our deployment in Kuwait. God bless you and God bless America. As we say in the Army “‘Hooah!”



Arnold Gonzalez

Staff Sergeant, U.S Army






I am 1LT Daniel Kresser, currently assigned to Kuwait. I wanted to send you a message thanking you and your organization for your gratuitous care packages. I passed them on to the battalion Chaplin who then was able to disseminate the package contents to the rest of the soldiers in my battalion. Needless to say, the Soldiers were very quick to accept their gifts. I appreciate you and your organizations donation of time and services to the Soldiers of the United States Army. I doubt that this message is capable of demonstrating my appreciation, but I wanted to make sure that I was able to show my appreciation. I hope you have a great day, and thank you once again.



Daniel Kresser






Good afternoon,

I just wanted to thank all of you for your support and for the care packages. It means a great deal to us, especially this time of year. It is the support from organizations such as yours that helps us moving forward over here. Thank you again, God bless and Happy Holidays.



Sgt DeBarberie, Sarah A. & team


FET 3 Team Leader





Operation Jersey Cares:

Wow!, I wanted to thank your organization for sending me (6) big boxes of useful items, here in Afghanistan. I gave them to our Chapel Mart, where the items were unpacked and put on shelves so that the Soldiers and Airmen in our unit could pick out what they needed. Your organization sent many items that the troops enjoyed. Again, I want to say thank you for the gifts and the support that you have provided!



SFC Norman





Wow that is all I can say is thank you again. Your gifts were are a true blessing to our soldiers, here in Kuwait and other parts of the world, we were able to combine your gifts with donations from other companies and we shipped six hundred pounds of gifts to brothers and sisters who are serving in Afghanistan, without your support none of this would be possible.


Yours Respectfully,

SPC. Shackelford, John





Operation Jersey Cares,

Thank-You so, much for the goodies. We really enjoyed them during the holiday season and it definitely lifted our spirits. Have A Great New Year.



NATO Training Mission Afghanistan (NTM-A) Military Service Members.





hey my name is corporal arflin and im in afghanistan with sgt.reid. i really appreciate the box you sent for us.. it helped greatly.. so thank you alot.





Good morning folks,

Just a quick note from a Jersey guy on-site in Kabul. Last night, two of your *large* packages arrived in our barracks and they were an instant hit — the goodies were shared between a hundred or so US Army and Air Force personnel, a couple of landlocked Sailors, and probably thirty allied soldiers (Croatians, Mongilians, New Zealanders, and Czechs) — there were even some leftovers for us contract pilots. Within an hour, even the packing boxes were scarfed up. This morning, the local Elves’ Union stuck all the Christmas cards on the walls and doors (the one taped to mine was signed by “Alexis” — if you know her, send her thanks from everyone over here).


God bless you folks for the good work you’re doing.

Bill Tuttle

Mi-17 Instructor Pilot

DynCorp International






I am so touched and heart-felt to see all the thought that you put in my package. Please understand how grateful I am for what you havedone for me and so many others before me. You are so special and I just want you to know that what you do along all the others with you goes UNNOTICED! For all that you do for us (Caring, Patience) I would like to Personally thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for the book(s), especially the one about Hero of the Pacific. Cant wait to read it!. The Blankets, the movies, the puzzle books are all great! No matter what I said about the candy, I will still eat it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you many times over. Personally you are my angel! Please dont ever forget it. You make a difference and you certainly made a difference today helping me. God Bless you. I hope we can stay in touch. I will send some pictures that I’ve taken, if you would like!








I am writing to let you know we really appreciated all of the items you sent, always brings some cheer around the holiday season. Myself and the other soldiers in my group work as security specialist in Kuwait. All in all, it is not too bad of a deployment, we have definitely had worse. There are three individuals in our office and we all shared the box of donated items sent by you, so, we are sending this e-mail as a thank you for what you are doing for all the troops serving around the world. Most of us here are on our third or fourth deployment, but it is Kuwait, so it does not really count. Well, again, thank you for the gifts, it is most appreciated. From everyone in our office and here in Kuwait, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and God bless.


Very Respectfully,

Staff Sergeant Neal Roddy





Dear Operation Jersey Cares Team,

Wanted to let you know that we received your wonderful gifts here in Afghanistan today, and as in the past, they were shipped with perfect timing to provide useful items to our deployed military service members in time for Christmas. We distributed the items to service members from the different military branches in my organization as well as sending one of the boxes to our Chaplain. On behalf of the military and civilians of our organization, THANK YOU!



Ted Jennings

Colonel, U.S. Army

Director, Contract Management & Audit Oversight